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Download 5010 Main program upgrade 3.18 (posted 9/30/15). This is allows longer CPT and ICD codes as per the new HCFA CMS guidelines. The cost of this upgrade is $300. The new 5010 Electronic billing module will be released soon, and will cost an additional $200.

Download 5010 Electronic Billing Module (posted 11/30/11).

Download 5010 ICD10 Electronic Billing File (posted 07/25/15). You will need to manually copy this into your HOFFICER directory

Download File Transfer Patch


Download NPI Version V 2.96.00 (second release for batch printing new CMS forms) if you've purchased product and password. You will need to download new HIPAA electronic billing program if your current HOUSE OFFICER version is prior to 2.50 or you have not upgraded since 9/22/98. If Medicare has made changes in your area, give us a call to see if the upgrade addresses these issues. (modified on 6/07)

MediNotes Export program. Copy the downloaded file into the C:\HOFFICER directory and then run it to decompress the application, MEDIEXP.EXE.

Download system files for your computer. You may need these files if there is a conflict with other software using different versions.

Click here to download a copy of the Reports Documentation formatted for Microsoft Word.

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