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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How come other companies charge so much more for their software? You should probably ask those companies. Good billing software does not have to be expensive. Our prices are in line with the prices of other major business applications. We maintain a small staff to reduce our overhead and we pass these savings directly to you. The development team consisted of doctors, office managers and engineers who wanted to develop a system for people like them without charging a fortune. Our software is a complete billing system that many consider the best on the market.

2. What does the basic package come with? For under $500 you can bill insurance companies, suppliers, create patient bills and super-bills, print labels, write patient and insurance notes, and run over 50 financial and statistical reports.

3. How much more is electronic billing? The software is an additional $600 plus a one-time registration fee of $150.

4. Companies are charging us big dollars for the NPI upgrade. What about your company? Not us.

5. Is it network compatible and how much more does it cost? Our software is already network-compatible and there are no additional fees. If you have the right software installed at home you can dial into your office computer and do your billing right from your own bedroom!

6. I've seen a few companies selling their software for close to your price. Are they the same? You'll have to compare the systems to see for yourself. Remember, though, that many of these companies charge renewal fees each year to use their software and charge hefty technical support fees.

7. Is there technical support? Yes. First three weeks are free; then, it's $25 per call after that. Most people do not need much technical support. Support for electronic billing is free.

8. Can I get references? Yes. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to do so.

9. How can I get my old patient data into your system? Give us a call. If you can get us a copy of your database on disk we can usually transfer the data right over.

10. Is your program really a Windows program or a DOS program? It is true Windows XP program.

11. What kind of computer do I need? Any PC you buy today has more than enough guts to handle our program. Our program is small, fast and uses very little memory. We're not like those other dinosaurs because our software was made with the latest Windows technology and not fifteen years ago!

12. I don't have much your program easy to learn and use? You're going to have to see for yourself, but we have been told that there is nothing more intuitive on the market.

13. Can I try your program out? Yes. From the main page just click on Download Evaluation Copy and follow the instructions. You can generate claims, post payments, and create reports. We allow you to test-drive the program because all sales are final.

14. I'm a billing service. How many clients can I bill for? The program hold unlimited doctors and facilities. It can segregate them into fifty clients. For example, Client 1 can be a Radiology group with five doctors; Client 2 can be a Family Practice office with seven doctors.

After you view the demo program from this site, a phone number will appear where you can contact us for further information or orders.

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